The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about major media companies who are reconsidering the “rental” arrangements struck with Facebook for the use of their video content. Check out the article here.

Fundamentally, the issue here is control:  control of a media company’s own content and the subsequent control of the ad dollars that can be generated from that content.  Major media companies and Facebook have gone back and forth over various models for what gets shared on Facebook and Facebook Live streams and how the publishers get compensated for the use of their shared content. But, as yet, nothing has been delivered that satisfies the largest media companies with the most valuable content. Certainly, Facebook represents a huge potential audience — and a fast-growing audience of mobile users. Burst understands what FB can bring to the party in terms of the exposure possibilities for content creators. However, Burst was founded on the principal of “own don’t rent” when it comes to content and monetization and it seems that some of the world’s largest content creators share that sentiment.

As the media world evolves — for both broadcasters, print and digital publishers, and social media titans — this issue will become increasingly important and contentious.