In today’s workplace, employees are connected digitally more than ever. They are bombarded by email newsletters, Zoom calls, Slack messages,  – yet more and more employees are becoming disengaged at work. According to Gallup’s State Of the American Workplace report, only 33% of employees are engaged. Furthermore, the findings indicate that 51% are not engaged and have not been for quite some time. What’s even worse is that 90% of companies agree that there is a significant impact of disengaged employees on their success, yet only 25% have an engagement strategy or plan, costing them between $450 and $500 billion annually. The good news is that more companies are starting to recognize the importance of employee satisfaction to the success of their business. With video as an internal communications tool, companies can start making employee happiness a priority.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Video In Internals Communications

  1. More engaging than other forms of communications
  2. Adds an element of authenticity
  3. More cost-effective
  4. Appeals to different learning styles
  5. Cuts down of staff training costs
  6. Easily connects remote workers and teams across the globe
  7. Saves time by eliminating unnecessary in-person meeting
  8. A quicker way to convey complex messages

Types of Videos for Internal Communications

  1. Messages from the executive team
  2. Employee on-boarding
  3. Health and safety updates
  4. Training and Education
  5. Employee Advocacy
  6. Company Updates

How A Video Platform Can Help With Internal Communications

Although many large companies have sophisticated internal communications strategies, most companies are behind the times when it comes to video. Whether they are collecting video via email or using insecure, public platforms like Dropbox for video management, companies are struggling to organize, manage and distribute their video content.

Burst, a mobile video engagement platform, makes it easy to acquire, curate, and distribute internal communications videos from one secure, intuitive, cloud-based platform.

Mobile Video Made Simple

With the Burst platform, capturing training, onboarding, and company update videos has never been easier. With our simple mobile web workflow, internal communications teams can record, manage and distribute videos within minutes – no additional apps needed.

One Secure, Central Platform for Media

Gone are the days of collecting video via email attachments or even public file sharing platforms like dropbox. burst’s secure, private cloud based platform gives you the ability to organize and manage all of your media in one safe and secure platform.

Efficient Video Distribution

Delivering relevant informations quickly and efficiently to your employees has never been more important to maintain an engaged workforce. The Burst platform enables you to seamlessly distribute content to any digital destination with the simple click of an approval button.

In a time where working from home is now the norm, it is crucial that internal communications teams find ways to create deeper engagement with their workforce. With 69% of the workforce saying they would rather learn a new skill from video than from a written document, it’s clear that video can play a vital role in helping to inform, engage, and inspire your employees. Let Burst help you harness the power of video and pave the way for more efficient internal communications.

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