There’s no city quite like Boston.  It has the perfect mix of the city hustle, modern buildings, incredible universities and the historic value that our nation was founded upon, not to mention that it has the added bonus of a beautiful waterfront. With this stated, it comes as no surprise as to why so many successful start-up companies have begun in Boston – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gillette, Raytheon, etc.

Why do so many start-ups find Boston appealing, including Burst?  Three reasons immediately come to mind.

The Funding

“Boston is currently number three in the country for venture capital funding, controlling 11.5% of the nation’s VC dollars ($3.101 billion).”

With every great idea, you need the revenue to back it up.  Having your company positioned near possible investors or buyers can be a critical player in a start-up’s success.  If the founder of the company doesn’t already possess the money, then they need to find someone who believes in their idea and can back them up while they market their product or service to their target audience; positioning their company at a location that possesses easy access in terms of meeting with potential inventors is crucial.

The Environment

As we mentioned earlier, Boston provides a lot of different attractions.  Additionally, companies have the opportunity to work in Cambridge, which is just across the Charles River and provides a different type of “feel” for any given company.  Between both Boston and Cambridge, start-ups are able to choose which “type” of company they want to portray themselves as.   You have the Financial District if you wish to portray your company as the “business professional” start-up, Cambridge for”the hipster-tech”  in you, or Faneuil Hall for the “entrepreneurial, social spirit.” In short, there’s a place for every start-up to define themselves as their own voice.

 The Talent

Between Harvard, Boston University, MIT, Boston College, Northeastern, Tufts, among countless others – there’s an endless pool of talent for companies to choose from.  With a talent pool like this, companies are given the opportunity to employ students that are most up-to-date with new technology and current market trends, in addition to receiving a fresh perspective regarding how to tackle the issues that your start-up may run in to during your path to success.  No matter what type of start-up you’ve founded, it never hurts to grab onto that fresh perspective that represents the new, growing market.


Boston provides a unique atmosphere for the start-up community.  With such an array of vastly different communities and companies within this one small area, a start-up has all of the resources it needs to thrive.

Why do you think Boston is such a successful hub spot for the start-up world? Be sure to leave your comments below!