When we started using new technology to watch shows on our own terms, without ads, we threw into question the modus operandi of a roughly $70 billion industry. A reckoning seems inevitable.

Jim Rutenberg in his “Mediator” column in The New York Times looks at the future of television advertising, as the industry concludes its annual upfront showcase of new programming for major advertisers and marketers. With linear viewership in decline, broadcasters and advertisers have begun to re-deploy ad spend in non-traditional avenues (e.g. YouTube, in-show, interactive) and innovation is driving where and how ads are delivered to consumers in this new viewing paradigm. Regardless of the ultimate result, it is easy to see that the TV advertising landscape is poised for a major makeover and that the “social contract” between advertisers and viewers is due for renegotiation.

Source: When TV Ads Go Subliminal With a Vengeance, We’ll Be to Blame