Technology has changed the nature of business. Saas business models allow customers to periodically renew contracts that allow unsatisfied users to stop using a company’s product and go to competitors to hopefully receive better results. Old sales, marketing, and product strategies prohibit company growth. It is no longer enough for a company to pigeonhole each customer to ‘strategically’ retain customers, and it is not enough to solely focus on the growth of your own company without gaining the trust of your customers. Companies must now focus their attention on the customer first to see personal results.

Customer success focuses on the relationships between companies and customers. This effort is enforced throughout the company from the business end to the tech team. Instead of utilizing a customer service approach of fixing damage after it’s done, customer success is proactive in finding potential problems and working with customers before they become issues. The team does this by not only showing how the product works, but also how a customer can get the most value out of it, monitoring how it is being used for optimal results, and understanding how to make the product better for the customer’s profitability. When a company shows they care about their customer’s success, a customer is more likely to want to use the product and contact them to keep learning new ways to leverage it. By building this relationship, the company becomes essential to the customer’s workflow and in turn will continue to renew contracts with them.

So how does this benefit the company? Although it may seem as though the company monitoring customer success is losing money by devoting services and resources, this approach actually saves money by increasing customer satisfaction with the product and in turn reducing churn. According to an article by Wilbur Hann, “a 2% monthly revenue churn rate means a decrease of almost 25% in annual revenue.” On top of that, the relationship built as a result helps to shape and grow the product as they continue to find new ways it could be used.

At Burst we believe strongly in the importance of focusing on customer success. We have a Customer Success team devoted to helping digital leads, station managers, people sending in media, and anyone using Burst to get the most out of the platform. This means anything from suggesting workflow improvements to make working with mobile content even faster to content ideation and creative marketing to help customers acquire as much content as possible. We truly become a resource for our customers and constantly are asking for feedback to make the experience and product easy for customers to execute their ideas.

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We also want to introduce our newest member of the Customer Success team, Sue Ann!

Born and raised in Malaysia, Sue Ann graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor of arts in cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, and competed on the varsity women’s squash team. Sue Ann is passionate about consumer behavior and how it applies to businesses. At Burst, she hopes to leverage her knowledge to help businesses serve their consumers in a more useful and efficient way. Outside of Burst, Sue Ann is an avid foodie, and can be found on the squash court or at the gym!