Hurricane Florence forced WCTI-TV NewsChannel 12 to evacuate themselves, but Burst allowed for WCTI to stay on top of their hurricane coverage by extending their news team to the community of New Bern. Acquiring content directly from their viewers allowed WCTI in New Bern, NC and WPDE in Myrtle Beach, SC to increase engagement with their viewers and showcase how their community was experiencing the hurricane in real-time.
Coverage Expansion: Forced to evacuate and working with limited resources in temporary trailers and tents, WCTI leveraged Burst to extend their news team to their community and expand their coverage capabilities.

Unique and Authentic Content: WCTI and WPDE acquired hundreds of unique photos and videos directly from viewers over the course of Hurricane Florence, enabling stations to illustrate how the hurricane was affecting their community.

Increased Audience Engagement and Participation: Collecting content directly from viewers encouraged direct interaction with the station, allowing for viewers to contribute their point of view and even offer help and shelter when needed, further driving viewer engagement.

Seamless, Cloud-Based Integration and Content Management System: With so much content acquired, Burst enabled stations to quickly sort through and review viewer-submitted content from the cloud and approve that content directly into their broadcast, digital and social workflows. For a station like WCTI that was forced to evacuate their own building, Burst’s easily accessible cloud-based content management tools proved essential for visually keeping the community informed.
Rights-Approved Content: Burst enables stations to breeze past the UGC rights process with customizable terms and conditions built into the upload workflow, saving stations time and costs, and giving stations immediate ownership of their content.

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