According to Cisco Systems, mobile video consumption is going to grow by 8x in the next 36 months. Consumers are voraciously consuming video on all screens, all day long. That said, too many businesses are missing the opportunity to create video content to satisfy their customers’ demand. It’s been calculated that small businesses actually create and produce less than 25% of the video content available to them – if only they realized how easy it can be to use their mobile phone to create video – video of themselves discussing their product, video of their customers singing their praises in a testimonial, video of the industry conference or event they just attended. All this potential video we like to say is “locked” by the inaction of the small business owner. The shame in this is that today, more than ever, video integrations to the web are easier with the advent of new mobile technologies. There is no excuse for not taking advantage and giving more life to your website with moving pictures and sound – rather than simply text. Unlock your media potential – please!

Carefully think through your potential “story” media inventory in and around your business, find cost-effective ways to capture and deliver content to the people that care and you’ll see the results. Understanding how to identify and unlock your business’ media potential will yield both immediate and long-term results.