Is television still king?  Yes, we believe it is.  However, we believe that a digital marketing plan must also be developed in order to fully-reach your audience.  Many television viewers are on their smart phones while watching television, forcing marketers to search for new ways to grab hold of their audience and target them from both devices simultaneously.

People have gone from actually sitting in front of a television to watch shows when they air to making sure shows are recorded to watch at their convenience. Oh, and they also avoid commercials whenever possible.”

This change in consumer behavior leads companies to search for new ways to interact with their target audience.  Companies can no longer depend upon viewers to sit through the commercials, to watch their program, with their undivided attention.  Instead, they have to target a consumer interaction in different forms – namely, user generated content (UGC).

UGC enables brands and broadcasters to:

  • Connect with their audience on more of a personal level
  • Listen to the needs and desires of their users and how you are able to make that user experience better for them
  • Enrich their target audience’s experience
  • Leverage affordable media and content, saving brands both time and money

“We’re not saying television is dead – considering its reach and fact that everyone still uses it – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. However, there is a shift in advertising”

One of the best thing about UGC is that it works no matter the size of your marketing budget – big or small.  UGC enables your consumers to have their voice heard and positions your company in a light that places you in an interactive role within your community.

In running a user-generated content community, not only will your brand or broadcasting station be able to interact and develop a personal relationship with your target audience, but you are also receiving access to new pieces of content on a consistent basis, for basically no cost.

Additionally, UGC provides broadcasters and networks with the ability to report in real-time since they have a community with their eyes everywhere.  It’s impossible for a news station to be where the action is 24/7.  However, it is possible for them to employ users to provide content for their broadcast, on a basis that contributors will receive credit for such a contribution.

The bottom line is this: your fans are already contributing billions of pieces of information per day on social media sites.  Opening the doors to UGC is a cost-efficient and community-building way to bridge the gap between your brand and consumers.  If you don’t do it, another company will – perhaps your competitor.