User-generated content is photos and video content that has been created by your consumers about your brand or product.   It’s the act of the consumer promoting the brand rather than the brand itself. 

User-generated content is a great tool for building awareness, generating leads, and boosting sales. User-generated content gets more engagement because people naturally trust one another over the brands that are marketing to them. Use this to your advantage and build a voice of loyal followers and real customers with positive opinions about your brand that encourage engagement and promote authenticity.

UGC is an effective strategy to build deeper emotional connections with your audience.   85% of consumers say visual UGC is more influential in their decisions than brand-generated photos or videos.

Using UGC in promoting your brand, there are a few key ingredients to include. For example:

• Be original and authentic.

• Share content created by a variety of users.

• Give your audience a sense of participating in a larger purpose or community.

• Make it memorable and entertaining.

UGC is increasingly becoming a common theme for brands and businesses to connect with consumers in a fun, engaging and trustworthy way.

Stand back and let your customers take center stage.   By doing so, you’ll be exhibiting trust and encouraging positive engagement.   Use this branded content in your marketing initiatives; drives business with its direct connection to ROI.

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