On August 24th, Bryant McBride joined the CUSP Show to discuss his thoughts and ideas surrounding the intersection of sports and technology. The CUSP Show is produced by staff and students of the Columbia University Sports Management program and is hosted by faculty members Joe Favorito and Tom Richardson. In this particular episode, McBride discusses with Tom and Joe his opinions on a lot of the most pressing issues in sports tech. McBride specifically discusses his experiences at the NHL and the “Bundle of Life Chances.” This “Bundle of Life Chances” is what has shaped his current experiences and entrepreneurial ventures. McBride is extremely passionate about what he does and wouldn’t do it otherwise. He came to a realization while at the NHL. McBride genuinely wants to problem solve.

Burst, McBride’s 7th startup came to fruition from his Mom. She genuinely wanted to see videos of her children and grandchildren doing what they love. He then envisioned ‘snapchat for families’ which has morphed, changed, and has been built up over past few years. Burst now enables broadcasters, media companies, rights holders and brands to instantly deliver mobile video to broadcast, OTT, digital and social platforms at low-cost. Burst’s technology allows reporters, viewers, fans – anyone with a smartphone, a point of view and a subject to record – to get their video into live or curated media streams seamlessly without requiring the download and use of a mobile app to participate. For media companies, live event venues, brands and marketers, this means fresh and compelling content that is rights-controlled and readily monetized with no workflow disruption. Burst is the only solution that gives companies complete control of their content and a defense against social media cannibalization that allows them to build new revenue streams from their content. Listen to the full podcast here.