Kyle Scott Clauss describes Burst as “the connector between traditional outlets and an audience increasingly glued to their phones” in his article The Future of Media Is Quietly Being Plotted in Boston’s Financial District. It bridges the limitations of TV, platforms like Netflix, and social media. TV limits a viewer to one experience at a time. Programs like Netflix are limited by the restrictive catalog. On the other hand, social media provides a “limitless pool” of information and different experiences. It’s limitation is that it is time consuming and painstaking to get the rights and access to the content.

Burst fixes that. It has the limitless stream of content like social media while giving the rights and usage permissions to producers in a seamless, non-invasive manner. This platform helps producers save time, brain power, money and enhance the viewer experience no matter how it is utilized. The use cases of Burst will continue to grow and shape the product as user-generated content becomes the heart of all forms of production.

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