Our customers are already creating high levels of engagement with their audiences by leveraging Burst to make their newscasts and storytelling participatory with UGC. Now, we are enabling our customers to facilitate even deeper audience engagement and create new monetization opportunities for sponsors with our new, customizable “thank you” email functionality.

How does it work?

When a viewer submits a photo/video through Burst, they will receive a customized version of the email included in the image above or to the right, specific to the UGC campaign that the viewer submitted their media to. If a viewer submits multiple media at once, or comes back to submit again within a ~15-minute session, they will only receive one email.

Why is this important?

Enabling our customers’ viewers to send photos/videos to them is the first step in facilitating engagement around user-generated content, but keeping those viewers captivated and within that engagement loop is what we are focused on with this new “thank you” email functionality. Now post-submission, we are giving our customers the ability to thank their viewers for participating, drive their viewers to tune in to their programming, and encourage them to both view and submit more content.

Additional Monetization Opportunity: this email is also another compelling element to include in a unique, UGC-focused sponsorship package. With the ability to include a sponsor’s branding, messaging, and links to offers/coupons/etc., this customizable email is an attractive selling point towards generating revenue from any UGC campaign.

Early results

The “thank you” email was rolled out across our customer base about a month ago, and we are already seeing increased engagement in the numbers!

  • Unique opens = 62%
  • Unique clicks = 32%

In a world where the average click-through rate on the AdWords search network is 1.91% on search and 0.35% on display, the early results from our “thank you” email proves the value any brand can get out of a sponsored user-generated content campaign powered by Burst.

Click the button below to learn more about Burst and how you can create new revenue opportunities using our new “thank you” email functionality, and check out all of the dynamic fields and customization opportunities for the email listed below.

Customization Opportunities & Dynamic Fields

1. Personalized greeting

2. Custom UGC campaign branding in the email subject line and body

3. Specific content location of submission (i.e. News, Weather, Sports)

4. Station/Company name for familiar brand recognition

5. Link to gallery page — driving viewers to view & submit more media

6. Station/Company logo for familiar brand recognition

7. All text and logos can be further customized to reflect appropriate messaging and/or sponsorships