Why User-Generated Content should be one of your brand’s social content pillars; giving you a leg up over your competitors.

It Helps Build Trust

People are responsive to images that were not professionally produced, that feel organic, and that depict a lifestyle. This type of content humanizes a company, making it seem more trustworthy. Leveraging the power of brand advocacy will result in loyalty, as it helps make users feel connected to a brand.

It’s Relatable

UGC makes branded images feel like a friend giving a recommendation, which is how this generation goes about making purchase decisions.

It Will Boost Engagement and Create a Community

By publishing user images, you are telling fans that they are valued and embracing them in your community.

It Lends Credibility

The more users are creating content about a company, the more equity it gains, and the cooler it seems.

It Increases Awareness

The more people are talking about your brand, the broader your reach.

It Fills a Content Void

Consumer content enables you to keep up with the rapid pace of social content and enabling you to own the content and rights.

It Helps Sales Conversions

Consumer content is influential because it provides a real-life context for your products and inspires consumers to purchase so that they, too, can experience what their peer’s post portrays.

Once your brand is in a place where it has a lot of voices advocating for it with UGC, the benefits are endless.  Repurposing those photos and videos helps to create connections with your consumers while diversifying your content mix, inspiring your advocates, and saving you when you’re running low on content.  Burst can help your brand with all the above.

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