Across the globe, viewers are interested in engaging with the programs that they watch on television, through a social media forum.  By sharing information, pictures, videos and commentary that voice thoughts and opinions regarding the show, crew or newscast, audiences and network providers are given a chance to connect with one another.

Audiences are able to become part of the conversation regarding breaking news or television shows in this interactive platform.  If networks are wise, they would take advantage of this opportunity in order to receive user generated content (UGC) that’s unique to their advertising platform.

Check out these interesting statistics regarding television viewing and the Internet:

  • 77% of people in the United States use the TV and Internet simultaneously
  • 72% of the under-25 crowd in the UK comment on programs via social platforms
  • 50% of Canadians have a second-screen device in their hands while watching television, and 19% have one all the time. This means that producers and broadcasters are now facing the challenge to captivate and retain the attention of viewers in this multi-screen environment.
  • In Australia, interacting with social media while watching TV drives a 9% increase in program engagement and throughout the program and cumulative increase in engagement is 26%

User generated content is a great way to interact with a network’s audience.  The audience is currently surfing their mobile device or tablet, while viewing your news or television show.  In order to generate the maximum profit from such shows, networks need to understand that by owning the video origination point, and having your viewers contribute UGCs to your daily newscast, the networks will receive more profit because they will be the first to successfully air the video live, across all multi-screen platforms.

“Social media definitely has become established as a second-screen for a select group of viewers,” according to Beth Rockwood, senior vice president of market resources at Discovery Communications and chairwoman of the CRE’s Social Media Committee.

Very few media outlets are taking advantage of using UGCs as part of their daily show.  With 1 out of every 6 TV viewers on social media sites, while watching the television, networks are considering being able to draw their audience in by enabling them to participate in providing the network content.  In today’s world, viewers are currently looking for a way to interact with news reports and their favorite prime time television shows, and what better way to connect with your audience then to give them the ability to forward their pictures and videos of current, relevant news directly to the network?