Football season is finally here and for many local news stations, it’s a great opportunity to capitalize on a natural point of engagement within their communities. KFDM/KBTV in Beaumont, TX and WSYX in Columbus, OH leveraged the Burst mobile video platform to showcase viewers’ game-day videos/photos and capture all of the football action from the point of view of their community — increasing audience engagement, expanding coverage with their unique, viewer-submitted content, and generating revenue by attaching a sponsor to the effort.

Key Selling Points:

  • This is an exclusive, limited inventory opportunity that includes in-News advertising assets — sponsored UGC showcase.
  • A unique multi-screen package that combines: broadcast, digital and mobile elements.
  • Integrated sponsorship campaign that provides a 100% SOV experience for brands.
  • Mobile engagement promotion that builds a direct relationship with consumers on the device that is always with them — their mobile phone.
  • Rights-cleared media can be repurposed for post-campaign marketing & promotion efforts.

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