For the month of October, families across the country prepare for one of the most highly anticipated holidays of the year…….Halloween! For many people, this month-long celebration is a chance to capture their loved ones getting into the spirit of Halloween. KMPH in Fresno, CA saw this as an opportunity to not only increase their audience engagement, but to also drive revenue.

KMPH leveraged the Burst mobile video platform to capture videos/photos of their viewers’ best Halloween costumes and showcase them across their broadcast, digital and social channels. The best part about the campaign was that KMPH was able to get the whole UGC experience sponsored by a local shopping mall, Sierra Vista.

Key Value Props:

– This is an exclusive, limited inventory opportunity that includes in-News advertising assets — sponsored UGC showcase

– An exclusive multi-screen package that combines: broadcast, digital and mobile elements.

– Integrated sponsorship campaign that provides a 100% SOV experience for brands

– Mobile engagement promotion that builds a direct relationship with consumers on the device that is always with them — their mobile phone

– Rights-cleared media can be repurposed for post-campaign marketing & promotion efforts

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