The American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) was established on April 20, 1991 and began as a men’s collegiate hockey organization. Their primary mission is to support the growth of collegiate hockey programs nationwide.

The ACHA emphasizes academic performance, institutional sanction, eligibility criteria, standards of play and opportunities for national competition.  Additionally they promote all aspects of collegiate hockey, while stressing the personal development of individual athletes as well as national recognition for member organizations.

Prior to the 2014 ACHA national hockey tournament, fans had to pick and choose which games you wanted to view due to scheduling conflicts. Burst changed everything.

The 2014 ACHA Tournament occurred across six separate rinks this year.  As such, hockey fans had to pick and choose which games that they wished to watch; they would have to prioritize one hockey game over the other.  However, this year they were pleasantly surprised and were able to be kept updated on every single game, by simply tuning in to Burst.  Utilizing Burst technology, the Northeastern Men’s Club Hockey Team enabled fans to view videos and pictures of the action in real time, across six separate hockey rinks.

As the host team for the ACHA Tournament, the Northeastern Men’s Club Hockey Team, wanted to make the 2014 hockey tournament a memorable one for fans and players alike.  In capturing videos and pictures of the tournament using Burst, these moments were automatically uploaded to the ACHA national website for fan and player viewing.

The Burst ACHA hockey tournament page was viewed 519 times, with 722 video views and 1,930 photo views.  The media was additionally viewed on the mobile device  35% of the time.  Congratulations to all who participated!