Local news stations across the country like WEAR-TV in Pensacola, FL are using our newly designed Burst widget (video and photo gallery embed) to enhance their storytelling on digital.

Burst Widget Highlights

Mobile-centric design & deep engagement: although compatible across all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, we designed our new widget “mobile first” and implemented intuitive scroll and swipe interactions. Viewers also have the ability to engage with the content through “likes”, sharing media from the player directly to Facebook or Twitter, and the ability to submit their own content from an “Add Media” button on the player itself.

Burst Widget Embed

Mobile Engagement

Innovative Ad Units

Ad-integration: we wanted to give our customers an even simpler avenue to monetizing the content they acquire through Burst, so we built additional ad slots into the new widget design. For WEAR-TV,  the widget integrates directly with their DFP network, enabling the monetization of their UGC without any extra steps or set-up. Ad slot locations include:

  • Leaderboard ad slot
  • Interstitial scrolling photo ad slot
  • Interstitial swiping photo ad slot
  • Sidebar photo ad slot
  • Video ad slot (either pre, mid or post-roll)

Burst Widget Embed

Desktop Content Panel

Easy embed code & customization: with a simple copy & paste embed process to display our widget on a story or website page, there is no heavy lifting needed to enhance the digital storytelling with Burst media. Our widget embed will automatically refresh when moderation decisions are made from the Burst cloud platform. The Burst widget can also be customized to include your branding (note the WEAR logo on the top left corner of the Widget Embed above, as well as on the lefthand side of the Content Panel view) and retain the look and feel of your digital property.

Curation capabilities: enable all media acquired to flow through to the Burst widget automatically or use our simple cloud curation tools to approve and reject content for the widget. Any approved content will show up instantaneously in the widget, allowing you to quickly update a story as it develops. You can also “reject” (or pull back) a media item if a curation mistake was made or if a better version/angle was acquired that you would like to replace the content with. Approved media will be displayed within the widget by newest first, but content moderators also have the ability to manually manipulate the order through our “pinning” functionality.

To learn more about how you can leverage the Burst widget like WEAR-TV, click below!