Richard Deitsch, in his article “Should fans be part of the future of live sports broadcasts?,” discusses how fan opinions could be used in future live sports broadcasts from the perspectives of sports professionals. ESPN anchor Hannah Storm offers the idea to hire fans to work as on-air broadcasters alongside professionals to add a new level of discussion to the commentary.  Deitsch poses the concept of utilizing a streaming service to reach behind the scenes and in the crowds of the games to capture truly uncensored coverage.

While uncensored videos can capture the true feeling of a game, it may not be realistic to incorporate potentially profane content into a live broadcast without reviewing it first. By using the Burst curation tools,media teams can reject or approve acquired media making it an easy and simple step to control the content as opposed to a live stream where anything could potentially happen.

At Burst, we have found that the viewers’ opinion is often important to the viewers to feel more connected to the program while making it a simple and easy process. Some examples of successful use cases for showcasing fan media during sports games using Burst include:

-Displaying fan content on big screens during any game instantly

-Facilitating and collecting media entries to win a contest and showcase on broadcast

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