Multiple times a year, people take time to break their regular routine to  conjugate at business-related conferences or events. Owners and executives look to accelerate their growth through learning from experts and industry insiders who share invaluable knowledge.

All too often, however, these presentations and critical insights get lost in the flurry of activities that are happening in a condensed amount of time. Business professionals find themselves struggling to choose between the great speaker in Track A versus the great speaker in Track C – both of whom are speaking at the same time in another part of the convention center. Mobile devices sit in our pockets, but if they are properly deployed, then they become low-cost video creation tools that can easily solve this common problem for the event organizer.

Event organizers are starting to realize the power of mobile video. They are deploying staff armed with video-enabled smartphones to cost-effectively:

1) Provide attendees “teasers” of speakers before the event.  In providing content before an event, the event organizer is able to promote the event at a wider range.  Not only will this create more attention from the press, but it also helps boost attendance and early registration of the event.

2) Capture “highlights” of presentations.  Being able to capture the key parts of each event are pivotal in promoting a company, event or speaker in the future.  In addition to capturing these moments for future reference, they are also able to be used to send to the attendees in other parts of the event. Having a platform that allows all attendees to view all parts of an event, is an incredible tool.

3) Immediately distribute these promotional videos on social platforms.  In giving live updates to websites and social media sites, it allows your target audience to feel as though they are there with you, while giving them a taste of what they missed.  It further promotes the event and gives you even more press coverage.  It’s a “free” way of creating PR for your convention.

4) Re-purpose the videos as targeted follow-ups to attendees.  You are able to use these videos to reach your client base again.  Send the video to them so that they can remember what they learned at the convention, and to remind them the following year of why they want to attend the event again.

Providing event organizers with the opportunity to engage attendees and to add additional value to the event experience, is pivotal in promoting in both present and future events. Whether the event is a small gathering with a speaker for a small business, or a mega-convention, be sure to incorporate easy, inexpensive, smart, mobile video as part of your engagement mix.