With the impact of Hurricane Dorian being felt across the East Coast, Burst has allowed various local news stations to expand their resources to include the use of user-generated content. By acquiring content directly from their viewers, Burst has enabled news stations to increase their audience engagement as well as staying updated on how Hurricane Dorian has affected their communities in real-time.
Coverage Expansion: Hurricane Dorian resulted in times of limited resources, especially during evacuations. However, news stations using Burst were able to expand their coverage capabilities by incorporating user-generated content into their reporting. 

Exclusive and Original Content: Burst has granted hundreds of news stations with the instruments to acquire thousands of photos and videos taken directly from their viewers during Hurricane Dorian. Integrating this user-generated content helped news stations provide their viewers with exclusive and original content they could not get anywhere else.

Increased Engagement and Participation among Audience: Burst has facilitated direct interactions between local news stations and their audience by encouraging contributions from their viewers. Hurricane Dorian coverage has resulted in high audience engagement with almost 700,000 unique media views on one day alone.

Cloud-based Integration and Content Management System: With thousands of submissions acquired, Burst provides news stations with the ability to sort and review user-generated content from the cloud to select the media that best informs their communities on the effects of Hurricane Dorian. This swift and simple process saves stations time and money by approving content directly into their broadcast, digital, and social workflows. Burst’s easy to use cloud-based content management system allows news stations to access their user-generated content effortlessly.

Rights-Approved Content: Burst provides news stations with an easy solution for the lengthy user-generated content process. Burst allows news stations to customize the terms and conditions that are built into the upload system for immediate ownership of the content acquired.

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