If there are two things audiences love, cute pet photos and celebrating national days would be at the top of the list. It’s only natural that “National Love Your Pet Day” turned out to be one of the largest media submission days here at Burst.

Last week, 70+ local news stations made viewer content the focal point of their National Love Your Pet Day programming. Using the Burst platform to acquire user-generated pet content, these stations quickly managed and curated thousands of photos/videos, and easily integrated them into their existing broadcast and digital workflows. The news stations capitalized on this passion point and drove great engagement with their viewers.


Total Media Submissions


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National Love Your Pet Day Highlights:

Simple Set Up & Burst Customer Success Guidance:  The Burst CS team worked closely with the stations to provide best practices and guidance, leading to 70+ local news stations across the country participating on the day

Content Acquisition Without App Download:  over 24,000 photos and videos were acquired through Burst’s customizable mobile web upload workflow

Rights Cleared Media: terms and conditions are built into the Burst upload workflow, so no additional chasing down permissions from submitters was necessary

Easy Management & Curation: content rolled up into Burst “Bubbles” (albums/content folders) in the cloud where one or many people were able to review and make decisions about the content using Burst Insight AI curation tools

Seamless Broadcast Integration: content was approved for broadcast from the Burst platform throughout the day, flowing downstream for editors and producers to pull directly into the newscasts

Analytics: stations have access to analytics on the Burst platform showing them when the spikes in submissions and engagement occurred throughout the day, in addition to other information about the content and their viewers, in order to help them make smart decisions about viewer promotions and how to best engage their audiences

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