From Kindergarten to College, graduations are an event to be proud of, and they are a great opportunity for a local community to show off the successes of themselves and loved ones! Lots of local news stations across the country did a great job leveraging the Burst platform to capture photos/videos from their viewers around graduations happening in their area, enhancing and expanding their coverage capabilities as well as increasing engagement with their audience.

Not only did the KMPH news team in Fresno, CA collect over 700 media items in their “Graduation Photos” Bubble, they were also able to generate revenue off of this unique user-generated content effort by selling it as a 4-week long sponsorship package to Wendy’s.

KMPH’s “Celebrate the 2018 Graduates” Sponsorship Package was an integrated package that included:

  • Photos shown with the graduates’ name, school, and age during the morning broadcast
  • A special segment that aired 1x per hour during the 7-10am broadcast Mon-Fri (3x)
  • The sponsor’s name and logo were recognized during each of the TV segments
  • All of the submissions were used on a KMPH story page that also featured the sponsor’s logo

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