On a typical July day, sports fans are accustomed to hearing the sounds of a game. Maybe it’s the crack of the bat on a warm summer night or the smack of a catcher’s mitt on a lively fastball. Maybe it’s the crashing of helmets and smacking of pads as football players start the long grind of training camp. Or even the NBA and NHL champions giving a loud yell as they continue their celebration tours. But this July, the stadiums are quiet. Not even a subtle murmur echoes through the rafters of Madison Square Garden or bounces off the green monster at Fenway.

But just because the stadiums are quiet does not mean fans are silent. Their passion and fandom have been boiling up for months and is waiting for an opportunity to explode. Since the stoppage of sports, fans have been counting down the days until they can get a quick escape from the world and yell, scream, laugh, and cry along with their teams. Despite having fewer posts, every single major US sport received increased social media viewership, demonstrating that fans are craving opportunities to interact with their teams.

Unfortunately, right now, fans won’t be given the opportunity to show their fandom at the stadium, so leagues and teams are going to have to find creative ways to incorporate fans.

Ways to Increase Fan Engagement:

  1. In-game Reactions
  2. Fan Outfits
  3. Recreate your Favorite Players Style
  4. Behind the Scenes Player Access
  5. Fan Videos or Pictures on Videoboards
  6. Fan Rituals or Superstitions

How to Manage Fan Content with a Video Platform:

Burst, a mobile video engagement platform, allows sports teams to easily acquire, curate, and distribute fan videos from one secure cloud-based platform. Burst allows fans to be active participants in the game but still allows you to have logistical control of the content.

Gathering Fan Content:

Burst provides an easy mobile web workflow that allows fans to upload pictures and videos of their painted faces or celebrations. The process includes terms and conditions that grant you permission to repurpose content on your digital properties or in-stadium play-out systems.

Finding the Best Media to Showcase:

Sifting through fan-generated content can be difficult. It can waste hours of time trying to find the best media to showcase to your audience. Burst’s platform makes it easy to find the best photos and videos through AI and machine learning technology. With a simple click of an approve button, Burst sends the media onto your digital properties or in-stadium play-out systems.

Let Burst help ease this transition into the new state of sports and keep your fans involved through user-generated content.

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