What’s even better than enabling our customers to acquire low-cost content, saving countless content management hours and driving engagement with their audience? Facilitating the ability for them to also monetize that content, creating new revenue streams for our customers.

The Fox 11 News team at WLUK in Green Bay, WI has expanded their coverage and made their newscasts participatory with the Burst platform, and now they are generating revenue from this unique content in the form of integrated sponsorship packages. WLUK leveraged Burst for their “Best of the Class” event, celebrating area high school top-honor students at Lambeau Field, which they packaged and sold to three different sponsors over a three month time period.

For the three brands, this integrated package includes:


  • Digital elements – both desktop and mobile
  • In-news broadcast integration
  • On-site event exposure
  • A unique way to reach local families in a brand safe environment

Burst Desktop Widget Display Ads

The event was hosted by WLUK on May 23rd, 2018 at the Lambeau Field Atrium, and calls to action for students to upload content from the event through Burst took place at the event through a keyword SMS promotion. The content was published to Burst widgets (photo/video galleries) on the station website, where the three brands involved in the package hold 100% share of voice of the “Best of the Class” section and on each individual story page. Content acquired through Burst was showcased on TV in promo spots and packaged up into sponsored vignettes for both TV and digital. The WLUK team also has a long-term plan to the package, releasing videos and stories from the event on-air and online throughout the summer over the three month sponsorship period, keeping the promotion fresh and engaging.
Mobile Submission Workflow >> Cloud Content Management >> Distribution To Any Screen

Mobile Submission Workflow >> Cloud Content Management >> Distribution To Any Screen

This is a great, user-generated content focused package powered by Burst that WLUK in Green Bay is uniquely positioned to sell to local sponsors. The Burst curation tools mean that the sponsorship is activated in a brand safe environment, and a package centered around such a compelling, hyper-local event is a powerful way for the brands to reach families in the market.

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