With the need to provide their viewers with the most comprehensive and up to date information and content regarding the deadly Northern California wildfire that began last Monday, the news team at KRCR in Redding, CA incorporated Burst into their coverage to get mobile content to air quickly, enable their viewers to join their news team and assist in the collection of content, and showcase their appreciation for and connection with the community.

Workflow Efficiencies & Speed To Market: KRCR has been utilizing Burst in the field to acquire low-cost, mobile content efficiently, enabling quick speed to air and the ability to keep their viewers more promptly up to date with unique content.

Community Participation & Coverage Expansion: because Burst allows the station’s viewers to contribute their point of view and integral content to the storytelling, KRCR is able to leverage the community as an extension of the news team and greatly expand and enhance their coverage capabilities.

Unique Connections With The Community: not only has KRCR acquired over 550 videos/photos (and counting) documenting the fire and ensuing damage, they also created a Burst Bubble titled “Thanking Our Firefighters,” giving their viewers the ability to showcase their appreciation for the men and women putting their own lives at risk to contain this deadly wildfire.

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