The advancements in video, social and commutative technology have naturally assisted the transition of ordinary storytelling techniques into “hypertelling.” In his article Hyper-Telling Of Sports: The Next Frontier For Immersive Experiences. Rich Routman describes hypertelling as “the natural evolution of storytelling, which gives users a more immersive experience that is less about communicating the news and more about bringing users into a real environment.”

Consumers, especially sports fans, increasingly want to be able to experience the game, not just be told what is happening. They was to see and feel the excitement, in the moment. Social media and citizen journalism are driving fan based media and personal experience to show the “real” experience of an event or game.

With hypertelling becoming arguably the most powerful way to share media, producers and publishers alike want to find an easy, cost effective way to access that media to assist their storytelling. Burst offers a solution that allows companies and productions to tap into user-generated content. The best part? The media submitted by fans and viewers to the “bubble” created for the event is owned by the company and instantly accessible for production, social media posts or for any way imaginable.

Companies like NESN are already leveraging the Burst platform to show fan media on the big screen during a Bruins game instantly or even on broadcast to show fans’ backyard rinks. Contact Burst below to find out how your company can be leveraging the Burst platform to start hypertelling your stories!

Above is an example widget from various NESN campaigns using Burst!