One of the best ways for brands to achieve true authenticity is by including their consumers and even relying on them to help create and share their marketing message. There have been multiple studies stating that consumers trust their peers significantly more than they do brands, so why not let them drive the campaign? User-generated content campaigns can be extremely effective and provide long-term value for multiple reasons:

– UGC is seen as more authentic because it is not created by the brand.

– UGC campaigns can help identify the most engaged influencers your brand already has.

– The content that is created by loyal users can be used for promotions now and in the future, saving time and money from developing content internally.

– UGC can provide deep insights into new product use cases, identify strengths and weaknesses of product features, and understand industry trends through this genuine consumer feedback.

With a successful UGC campaign, your brand will reap the rewards. You’ll have a host of content to use for future marketing purposes, more engaged consumers, a pool of data to be analyzed and hopefully a perception of authenticity. Images and videos can be repurposed for future social media posts, email marketing, add campaigns or even sales materials; just make sure you receive proper consent from users With Burst, you have rights clearance. Also, all of this new data can help you identify new industry trends and continuously improve your market intelligence. With this, you can plan for even better campaigns in the future and driving a strong perception of authenticity.

Burst Unleashes the Power of User Generated Content.

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