Football season is finally here again and WSYX in Columbus, OH is using this as an opportunity to highlight some of the area’s finest athletes. Leveraging the Burst mobile video platform to display viewers’ game-day pictures/videos and capture “Thursday Night Lights” from the communities’ perspective, WSYX is able to increase audience engagement, expand coverage with unique user-generated content, and even generate revenue with a sponsorship package sold to a local Papa John’s.  

Key Selling Points:

  • This is an exclusive, limited inventory opportunity that includes In-News advertising assets – sponsored UGC showcase.
  • A unique multi-screen package that combines: broadcast, digital and mobile elements.
  • Integrated sponsorship campaign that provides a 100% SOV experience for brands.
  • Mobile engagement promotion that builds a direct relationship with consumers on the device that is always with them – their mobile phone.
  • Rights-cleared media can be repurposed for post-campaign marketing & promotion efforts.

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