As more and more people are getting their news from social media platforms, publishers must provide relevant content recommendations across all of their platforms to peak their audience’s interest. Today’s major news stories are drawing your audience in, but what are you doing to keep them engaged longer on your platform? 

Authentic, Relevant, Local Content Keeps Your Audience On Your Site Longer

Offering audiences relevant, authentic, local content that is specific to their interests is becoming critical for publishers to drive engagement and revenue.

Breaking news stories are drawing visitors to your website. Once they arrive at your website, the challenge is to get them to stay on your website by providing another story they can select. The only way to do this is to provide them with content that drives their curiosity and keeps them from wandering to rival websites or back into the social media abyss.

Relevant, authentic, local content will keep the audience engaged longer on your site, click through to more pages and resulting in the audience revisiting your site more often. This also translates into increased response rates to advertising on your website and to the promotions your partners send to your audience.

Provide an Engaging, Participatory Online Experience

Relevant content is the way to keep audiences engaged on your website, but the key to keeping your audience coming back is to create an experience that leaves them wanting more. Creating a participatory, interactive experience with your content allows your audience to be a part of the storytelling and drive future engagement with the content. 

Publishers need to provide their audiences with relevant, authentic content in order to drive engagement and revenue. Publishers must create an experience that enables their audience to be a part of the storytelling.

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