Facebook Vs. Your News App original article by Steve Schwaid

In his article ‘Facebook Vs. Your News App’, Steve Schwaid suggests that TV stations should use Facebook primarily as a marketing platform and a “tool to communicate.” Facebook is meant to be a social network and a platform to stay in contact/connected, not as a news outlet. 

Like Schwaid says:

“Use Facebook no more than a tool to drive people to YOUR sites.”

If you do not drive consumers to your sites, Facebook is getting the capital gain, not your station. By posting an article or breaking news video solely to Facebook, you are not giving a viewer any reason or need to watch your tv broadcast, go to your website or even to your app, which is losing your station money.

On top of that Facebook is controlling where and how your content is displayed. You have no control if your article shows up in someone’s news feed next to an “unsafe” post or advertisement. On your station’s website you do. You can control your content and generate revenue for it.

Using Facebook to promote your brand is a powerful tool, but only if your station is getting the positive rewards for the content you produced.