Facebook Vs. TV Station News App original article by Steve Schwaid


No Steve, it’s not just you – we here at Burst completely agree with your point of view. We can’t fathom or comprehend why TV stations continue to make Facebook their first and foremost platform instead of using their own platforms such as their app or website.  Broadcasters: you have a brand and an audience – use it!



In his article ‘Facebook Vs. Your News App’, Steve Schwaid suggests that TV stations should use Facebook primarily as a marketing platform and a “tool to communicate.” Facebook is meant to be a social network and a platform to stay in contact/connected, not as a breaking or local news outlet. Like Schwaid says, “Use Facebook no more than a tool to drive people to YOUR sites.” We couldn’t agree more.

Check out the full article here on why TV stations should be driving more viewers to their owned & operated sites to build their own brands and generate better quality revenue rather depending solely on Facebook to do it for them.