Videos are constantly being uploaded and streamed online.  Especially now that “Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet last month – the first time that has ever happened.”

 Next to the amount of content that is hitting the internet, the amount of revenue that can be made by generating online video content has been skyrocketing.  Having the ability   to create an online sensation is not only beneficial for creating brand awareness, but is also beneficial because it now can additionally generate streams of revenue for your company.  More and more companies are beginning to switch over to advertising their product before an online video, rather than placing their advertisement as a banner on top of a webpage.  The online video is a new goldmine for companies; and advertisers will pay the top buck in order to place their advertisements before a digital sensation.

It’s estimated that 86% of brands are expected to increase their spending on video ads in 2014; therefore generating more demand for interesting, online video content.   With Burst, companies now have the opportunity to not only easily create and upload the video, but to generate these revenue opportunities with a click of the button.

Here are some interesting statistics centering on this digital advertising world:

  • Consumers are 27% more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners

  • US digital video ad spending will nearly double in four years

  • Digital video advertising will reach at least $5.4 billion by 2016

  • Native online video ads can generate 82% brand lift among users exposed to the ads

  • 48% of mobile users prefer to see mobile video ads that are related to the content of the video clips being watched

Mobile videos advertisements are beginning to take over the way we are in touch with our consumer base.  As such, more and more companies are beginning to post videos in order to generate revenue from utilizing the ad space.  Now, creating compelling video content, and posting it immediately online, is pivotal in not only building brand awareness, but also in generating revenue for your company.