download (27)You want to be an entrepreneur? With every good idea you will need to have an excellent execution strategy. A successful business does not operate under the impression that you can “wing” your plan – but you are already aware of this.

So where exactly should you start?

Answer these pivotal questions

  • What product or service will your business provide, and how will it fit into the current market?
  • What problem does your product or service solve? Why should your consumer value its existence?
  • How will your business generate immediate revenue?
  • How are you different from your competitors?
  • Once you have achieved targeting your primary consumer base, whom else will you reach out to?
  • How will you market your start-up to prospective clients and investors?

Give yourself an honest evaluation

As you market yourself to your target audience you need to be able to honestly evaluate your strategies and how well they are being executed.  After every decision, be sure to answer these questions:

  • What worked and what didn’t work?
  • What was the result of each decision?
  • What did you learn during the process?

Embracing and mastering the skill of being able to honestly evaluate yourself is the sign of a true entrepreneur.  If you are unable to be hone in and evaluate yourself and your company, then you will fail.

Revise. Revise. Revise.

“Scrap what failed and improve on minor successes to create home runs. Adjust your plan accordingly, so you can begin transforming each of your flawed assumptions into true and complete statements. Use your findings to create new, more educated insights and craft more in-depth, specific checklists. Repeat this process on a regular basis.”

Your initial business plan will not be the same six months – or even three months – after your company’s initial launch.  The economy and the market is constantly changing, and your business will need to adapt to these changes in order to remain successful and relevant.  Your dream and company values aren’t lost, you have just simply learned of a better way to fit your consumers’ needs and to become more valuable to your target audience.


It is crucial for you to remember that you cannot control the market, no matter what industry your company is in.  Changes within your business will need to be made in order to adapt to your target audience, and you’ll have to sacrifice much of your personal time in order to truly succeed and make your footprint on this global economy.

What tips do you have for inspiring entrepreneurs? Be sure to leave them in the comment section below!