Winner of 53 Emmy Awards, Peabody Award Winner, 33-year career at HBO, 11 years as HBO Sports President and Founder of Ross Greenburg Productions – Ross Greenburg’s resume is nothing short of astounding.  Greenburg has successfully redefined the sports documentary category of television from the creation of Hardknocks and 61* to the 24/7 franchise of intimate sports documentaries.  

In this video, Greenburg speaks to how essential fan engagement is to enhance sports programming.  Greenburg’s advice to content providers is to actively seek out videos and photos from fans or viewers to gather authentic content — the gold — that can be used within a produced or live broadcast.  He says, “If you can have that relationship not only with the fan base but also with the viewer, they are going to want to watch the show for multiple series.”  This allows for a real-time dialogue between the viewer and the producer, where the viewers can have their voices heard and have a chance to be a part of the series or live production.

Read more about Ross Greenburg and Ross Greenburg Productions here.

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