As a Northeastern student, I have the privilege of taking time away from the classroom in order to participate a co-op that relates to my major of economics. I was looking for a co-op that was a little more exciting and hands on – that’s when I stumbled across Burst.

I remembered my brother recalling his experience with Burst and felt that there was no harm in applying for a co-op with them.  A few weeks later, I received an invitation for an interview and, before you know it, I was part of this incredible start-up.

Looking back on that interview, there were three things that caught my attention and really peaked my interest at Burst:

  1. The CEO took the time to interview me
  2. There were no more than eight employees in the entire company; I felt that my voice would really be heard
  3. The company was only three years old and I could just feel the excitement that the staff possessed in bringing this product to life

It is safe to say that no other company I had the pleasure of  interviewing for compared to the opportunity that I found at Burst.  When the CEO of the company takes the time to conduct the interview himself, it shows that the company actually cares and believes in what they are doing.  Fast forward a few months and I can say joining this start-up company was one of the best decisions I ever made.

As a new company in the mobile video technology platform, Burst is finding their “niche” in the marketplace.  From my experience, I believe the driving force behind Burst is their ability to enable consumers in becoming their own publishers – in essence owning the the video origination point (VOP) in addition to enabling media companies to utilize this user generated content (UGC) for profit.

Since Burst is comprised of a small, collective group of individuals, the atmosphere at Burst is relaxed and open to new ideas – something I have rarely found in other companies.  It is refreshing to be given the opportunity to sit in on meetings with the founders of the company and, additionally, have them ask for my opinion on something; I feel as though I am truly part of a team.  Being able to see every aspect of the company as it grows is more educational than any classroom experience I have had at Northeastern.

Being part of the Burst team has enabled me to see a start-up with a much wider perspective.  I have been given the opportunity to work on the tech side of the company, led by Jay Ramadorai, in addition to participating in the marketing strategy, which are led by CEO/Co-Founder, Bryant McBride.  These opportunities have given me the opportunity to see the foundation upon which a company is built, while becoming an asset in forming its future.  It is an experience that not many other companies can offer and I am excited to be part of a team that will change the way people view media production, distribution and user generated content.