Hosting a podcast is tough. You’re speaking to an audience that you can’t see or talk to, which makes it difficult to connect with your listeners. But engaging your audience is essential in creating a successful show. Fans want to feel as if they are apart of the conversation and knowing they helped contribute will keep them tuning in to every episode.

Unfortunately, podcasts don’t have the same interactive capabilities as say a radio show, where listeners can call in live and talk to the hosts. So how as a podcast host can you engage in conversation with your audience? The answer is quite simple, ask something of your listeners. Every episode should end with a call to action, you want your audience to still be thinking about your show even after the time has run out. Leave your listeners with a question, ask to hear their stories, or have them share their reactions to the episode. Knowing they might hear their questions answered or story told on the next episode will ensure your listeners tune back in, while also giving you as a host an abundance of content for your next show.

Managing all your interactions with fans can be overwhelming. Your audience may be submitting their questions and stories on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, or your website. It can be impossible to keep track of everything. Additionally, getting permission to use the content during a podcast can be a time-consuming process.

Gathering Content From Your Listeners

Burst, a mobile media engagement platform, can help take all of the stress out of this process. As a one-stop-shop for all audience submissions, you can streamline your workflows and easily integrate fan content into your show.

Burst provides an easy mobile web workflow that allows your listeners to upload pictures, videos, or audio files. The process includes terms and conditions that grant you permission to repurpose content on your show or on any of your digital properties.

One Central Location For All Media

Instead of searching for submissions spread across different social media platforms or email accounts, Burst provides one central location for all your fan-generated content. Burst’s platform uses machine learning technology to help find the best media for your show, saving your hosts and producers valuable time.

Seamless Integration

Burst’s platform also has the capability to easily integrate into your editing suites or digital properties with the click of a single button. This allows your podcast to showcase fans and create a show that your listeners tune in to week after week.

Let Burst help capture the excitement of your listeners and boost the popularity of your podcast with fan-submitted content!

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