“Content marketing” is the major buzz word throughout our competitive industry, and is the driving force behind a company’s potentially successful future.  Content marketing enables the company to capture their target audience’s attention, while offering informative pieces of information.  Presently, content marketing is taking a shift from the static word and gearing towards the direction of using video, because it holds the viewer’s attention span is longer than the written word.

Here are a few thing to remember when creating video content for your webpage and social media platforms:

1. Pay attention to what is currently happening in your world.  If your video reflects what’s happening now, in an entertaining way, then it stands less of a chance of it becoming lost in the mix of online videos.  While pertaining to present day events, it should also stay entertaining and engage with your audience. Always be unique with your campaigns, staying apart from the competition, while still engaged with the same target audience, is exactly what you need to do.  You can’t lose your audience in wildly unique ideas.

2. We find that the best, most interactive videos, are those that contain both pictures and videos. Here’s our Quick-Burst Formula that is sure to keep your audience engaged:

Each piece includes about 10 pieces of information, in this order: 2 Establishing Pictures, 4 Videos, 3 Pictures, 1 Closing Video

The piece itself will be about 10-15 minutes long, but is the perfect way to really interact with your audience.

3. While your video can still be fun, it also needs to stay professional.  Don’t do anything wildly inappropriate because once it’s out there, it’s permanent; it’s that love-hate relationship with the internet that individuals and companies can relate to.

4. Share that video with your target audience first; if the video is made for everyone, then share it everywhere!  The more places that video is placed, the better chance your company stands of having it viewed by the right audience; your video will not just become a “hit” on its own.  Videos aren’t just “discovered” by accident.  There’s a lot of promotion that goes into any video that you make.  You have to build a reputation for yourself, you have to get that video out there and you have to WORK for it.  With this competitive business world, nothing is just passed to you in this mobile video viewing platform.