Reducing content acquisition costs, while also increasing viewer participation, has never been more important for local news stations, and WCYB in Bristol, Virginia has found huge success doing just that with Burst. This local news station in the “Tri-Cities” is utilizing the Burst platform to acquire, manage/curate and distribute mobile content into their existing broadcast and digital workflows, and driving engagement with their viewers as a result.

Burst enables us to create a truly interactive experience for our viewers, saving time for our staff while increasing web traffic, social activity and engagement with our audience. For a small newsroom, having Burst is a huge bonus for us.

Kevin Castle

Digital Media Manager, WCYB

Burst Advantages for WCYB:

Quick turnaround from Burst training to success: WCYB was trained and on-boarded at the end of 2017, and found immediate success in their first three months — they have collected over 10,000 photos & videos from their viewers to date.

One, central platform for UGC, in the cloud: viewer content was previously sent to different email addresses at the station and posted on various social media platforms with little consistency or common workflow — Burst is a “one stop shop” for UGC, completely reorganizing and streamlining the news gathering process for WCYB.

Rights cleared content: rather than having to reach out to viewers for the right to use their content, Burst automates the previously cumbersome permission process with customizable terms & conditions built into the upload worflow.

Seamless integration into TV & digital workflows: with simple approvals from the Burst platform, viewer content gets published to interactive galleries on article pages or pushed downstream directly into broadcast editing and play-out workflows.

Time saving: receiving rights-cleared viewer content all to a central, easy to use location in the cloud, with integration into existing digital and TV systems, reduces the time spent organizing and managing UGC in half.

Increased traffic and engagement: incorporating calls to action for viewer content combined with the ease of frequently featuring that content has facilitated an interactive experience for the viewer, and it has played an integral role in increasing web traffic, social media activity, and increasing viewer engagement with the station.

Content types and expansion of coverage: from the ability to extend their coverage of devastating flooding in the market, to the implementation of weekly pet-focused segments, WCYB uses Burst to engage with their viewers across many content verticals and enhance their storytelling.

Sponsorship opportunities against brand safe content: engagement-focused and hyper-local opportunities for sponsors to integrate into the news programming — presenting a unique and interactive way for brands to increase affinity with customers in a brand-safe environment.

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