We recently ran across a Medium article about “How To Use Video To Improve Internal Communications In The Workplace” and couldn’t help but think of the ways Boston Properties is leveraging the Burst platform to do just that. Understanding the value of video as an engagement tool, Boston Properties turned to Burst to help navigate the sometimes unclear path to deeper engagement with mobile video.

According to a study conducted by Forbes, more than 80% of executives said they watch more online video today than they did just a year ago, and 75% of executives said that they watch work-related videos at least weekly. Like many marketing and internal communications departments, Boston Properties was looking for a cost-effective, unique way to engage their consumers and employees through video. Here are some of the ways Burst has transformed the way Boston Properties uses video and increases engagement:

Burst Platform Advantages:

  • Low-Cost, Authentic Content: Burst gives Boston Properties the ability to deploy their marketing team with just a few smartphones to capture content from their many retail spaces and construction sites all around the Boston area.
  • Simplified Media Curation: All of the captured content is organized in the cloud where BP’s marketing team can use Burst’s smart curation tools to manage and make decisions about the content.
  • Efficient, Real-Time Content Distribution: Whether it’s sharing retail store showcases with their consumers or training videos on sustainability with their employees, Boston Properties uses the Burst platform to share this content in near real-time.

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