DigitalFeatures_bizwomen_ResizedBizwomen is geared towards women leaders seeking business opportunities – including news, knowledge and contacts who can help them grow in their profession.  They have just launched their website, which will be focused on publishing articles and newsletters that highlight issues of the up-most importance for women business leaders and that also provides enlightening information.

American City Business Journals launched a new website called Bizwomen on Monday, April 7th.  In honor of it’s addition to the prestigious ACBJ website, they launched the first Mentoring Monday event to gain awareness and traction for Bizwomen and its members.

Hosted in 43 cities around the country, Bizwomen utilized Burst to capture their first Mentoring Monday event. 

Mentoring Monday represents an unprecedented mass mentoring event, with events held in 43 cities.  On April 7th, approximately 8,000 women participated in American City Business Journals Bizwomen’s first Mentoring Monday event.  Mentoring Monday was formed with the purpose of connecting women with a strong leadership in business with those who aspire to build themselves as a brand and to follow in their footsteps.

With photographs and videos being loaded to the web in real-time, Burst made it possible for the first Mentoring Monday to be shared and viewed by thousands.  Additionally, those women who were participating in ACBJ’s event in one city, were able to simultaneously view what was happening across the country at another conference during their time there.

Capturing inspirational testimonials, interviews and the reactions of the thousands of women that participated, Mentoring Monday was a successful launch for Bizwomen.  To view these video that will not only introduce you to some of the industry’s most prestigious leaders, but also inspire you, click here.