“Fan engagement is a crucial component in any advertising campaign at Franklin Sports. We’ve been extremely happy with the results over the past two seasons of sponsoring this authentic UGC Sweepstakes.” Chris Rodday

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Marketing, Franklin Sports

This months ‘Best of Burst’ is showcasing NESN and Brick’s Backyard Rinks. NESN is at it again for the fourth year in a row and they continue to use Burst to showcase videos of viewers/fans Backyard Rinks across the New England area. During the Bruins’ broadcast, Andy and team asked viewers to submit their best backyard rink videos via the Burst platform. Fans were able to easily upload videos from their mobile phones or laptops without downloading an App. We want to extend a huge congratulations to the Schartner Family of Rhode Island who won the 2018 Brick’s Backyard Rink Contest by sending in videos of their awesome rink! See the Schartner’s winning rink by clicking HERE! 

Burst helped NESN and Franklin Sports cultivate 34% more UGC content compared to last year for Brick’s Backyard Rink contest. 

Stay tuned for the March ‘Best of Burst’!