“Fan engagement is a crucial component in any advertising campaign at Franklin Sports. We’ve been extremely happy with the results over the past two seasons of sponsoring this authentic UGC Sweepstakes.” Chris Rodday

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Marketing, Franklin Sports

With the continued success of Brick’s Backyard RInks, Frankin Sports has decided to partner with NESN to drive brand awareness and consumer engagement around this unique annual contest. During the Bruins’ broadcast, Andy and team asked viewers to submit their best backyard rink videos via the Burst platform. Fans were able to easily upload videos from their mobile phones or laptops without downloading an app. The result was hundreds of authentic video submissions and a unique, interactive way for brands to increase affinity with customers in a brand-safe environment.

Burst Platform Advantages

Increased traffic and engagement: incorporating calls to action for viewer content combined with the ease of frequently featuring that content has facilitated an interactive experience for the viewer, and it has played an integral role in increasing web traffic, social media activity, and increasing viewer engagement for both the station and the brand.

Seamless integration into TV & digital workflows: with simple approvals from the Burst platform, viewer content gets published to interactive galleries on websites or pushed downstream directly into broadcast editing and play-out workflows.

Rights cleared content: rather than having to reach out to viewers for the right to use their content, Burst automates the previously cumbersome permission process with customizable terms & conditions built into the upload workflow.

Time-saving: receiving rights-cleared viewer content all to a central, easy to use location in the cloud, with integration into existing digital and TV systems, reduces the time spent organizing and managing UGC in half.

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