Reds Opening Day 2017 is considered a holiday in Cincinnati, Ohio. WKRC hosts a party in downtown to broadcast the Opening Day parade. A week leading up to Red’s Opening Day, WKRC does on-air promotions asking for fans to submit their photos and videos of the experience. WKRC was able to successfully receive 269 media items into the ‘Opening Day’ Bubble and X amount of these made it on air. WKRC also did lots of promotions through Facebook, Twitter and even on their webpage banner asking for media. This is a very unique idea that all of Cincinnati is able to rally behind. The best part about it, WKRC received 100,000 unique gallery views (Click here to view the gallery).  Check out some of Burst’s favorite below (or we could do check out the live broadcast clip featuring some of the best Burst’s from Opening Day):