Northeast Wisconsin’s historic April storm, Blizzard Evelyn, broke daily snowfall and storm size records, and for WLUK in Green Bay, WI, the storm also produced impressive numbers from a viewer engagement perspective. The FOX 11 news team leveraged the Burst platform to acquire thousands of photos and videos from their viewers during this crazy April weather, enhancing their coverage capabilities, equipping them with an abundance of unique content from every corner of their community, and increasing engagement with their audience.

With the Burst user-generated content upload workflow directly integrated into the station’s News App and Weather App, WLUK acquired over 4,000 photos and videos from their viewers, and acquired over 2,000 media items on April 15th alone. Because customizable terms & conditions are built into the Burst upload workflow, all of this media was rights cleared and immediately usable on broadcast, digital and social.

Some of the many ways that the FOX 11 news team utilized Burst during Blizzard Evelyn include:


Using Burst as part of their coverage of this life-changing weather event in Wisconsin, WLUK had more than enough unique content directly from the perspective of their viewers, giving them the ability to showcase exactly how their community was experiencing the blizzard across their broadcast, digital and social channels.

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