Facebook has introduced mid-roll ads to their video advertising feature. While this makes social media appear to be a useful platform for publishers to discover new lead sources and generate revenue, the benefits are not as high as they may appear. This feature does generate revenue, but not even close to as much as your company could generate on your own platform site and product if done right.

Today, controlling the interaction a consumer has with a brand’s content is crucial to every marketing and sales operation. Facebook advertisements can help gain awareness of your brand, but as Richie Hyden discusses in his article Amid Social Video Craze, Don’t Neglect O&O  “the audience is in a “walled garden” and the platform is more incentivized to get users to watch more content there, rather than engage with the content of any individual publisher.”  You cannot control what happens after your advertisement is shown. Maybe another ad will pop up from a competitor or a link to an article that is against your brand’s beliefs shows up next to it.

By posting your content to your platform, you can control the interaction your consumers have with it and potentially lead them to dive deeper into learning about your product. You can access the data of the interaction to develop potential leads. Most importantly you have the power and control over your content, not an outside company.

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