Employee-generated content is any form of content that is created and distributed amongst a corporation and its employees. Corporations can use employee-generated content to acquire videos and photos from their employees, including project updates, company event photos, and more. Corporations should be encouraging their staff to create their own content because employees are an incredible resource.

Improve the Company’s Internal Communication: When a company utilizes employee-generated content, it can help improve their internal communication. Employee-generated content allows employees in different departments to communicate effectively and efficiently. Employees can easily submit content into a centralized platform for open communication with other employees in all departments.

Increased Employee Engagement: With employee-generated content, anyone can contribute, and everyone has the freedom to opt-in. This engages the employees by making them feel like someone is listening to their views and ideas. When an employee feels valued in their company, it gives them more of an incentive and allows them to feel more comfortable contributing.

Increased Productivity: Through quick and easy access to employee-generated content, companies can save a substantial amount of time with workflow efficiencies while simultaneously fostering employee engagement. Employees can store information on the cloud, so the content is instantly accessible, saving corporations time and energy. Employee-generated content provides a consistent supply of a variety of different high-quality content to fill in the gaps left in content marketing strategies. 

EGC is Versatile: Once your employees have shared their media, there are a variety of ways companies can then utilize this material. Employee-generated content is often used for marketing or advertising for a company’s brand. Employee-generated content has also been proven to boost the companies’ credibility, trust, and relevancy among consumers.  

Tell the Company’s Story: Employees can tell a company’s story better than any advertising agency, making their content the most valuable. Consumers relate more if they see a real person behind an advertisement. They know that the story is credible if it is coming from the company employees directly.

The value Burst holds to the corporations is that employees can easily submit content to a centralized location where the marketing teams and internal communications teams can then quickly distribute this content to any digital destination or media editing site. Having this content on one platform like Burst, increases accessibility, productivity, and communication within the workplace. 
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