download (20)As discussed earlier this week, User Generated Content (UGC) can be leveraged to gain profit and build awareness regarding a local news network or a prime-time television show.  However, UGC is also useful in building, planning and executing your SEO Strategy.

According to the Search Engine Journal,

UGC not only provides a steady stream of rich, searchable content for a given website, it also helps to keep webmasters and SEOs informed on the trending topics that their customer base finds most interesting.

We agree that UGC is pivotal to your SEO Strategy in 3 ways:

  1. Provide Unique Content.  Your company is selling a product or service and, chances are, that there are similar sites competing with you for the same target audience.  The way to really battle out that competition is to have content up on your website that is different from what your competitors are saying.  The easy way to do that: have your consumers give you the content that they want to see on the site.  Additionally, having product reviews or customer testimonials is a great way to differentiate your product from your competitors.  Having a website that is open to your customers reviews, testimonials and comments – whether written or in video form – is an incredible way to be more in touch with your consumer base and target audience.
  2. A Source for Long Tail Keywords.  If you allow UGC onto your site, then you have that unique insight into how your audience feels about your product; you are given the opportunity to “eavesdrop” and join-in on the conversation.  As such, you can better develop web content and blog posts that will respond to the questions, comments and insight posted.  In addition, by viewing the comments that have been repeated by your consumer base, you will be able to identify the new long tail keywords and be able to better optimize your website.
  3. The #1 Way to Interact With Your Customers.  Interacting with your customers is going to be what sets you apart from your competition.  Being able to have a consumer comment or share a video about how they use your product or service to better their daily lives is a great way to build trust within your consumer base.

UGC content is on the rise.  Not only when it comes to contributing information to a news program or interacting on a social media regarding a TV show, but it’s also a great way to learn how to further press forward your content marketing and SEO strategy.  In utilizing UGC content, whether it’s written or in video form, your company will be able to be in touch with your consumer base and, additionally, develop a closer relationship with them as they experience your product, service or newscast.